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Discover how you can have more impact on your health, Personal/Professional goals, and in all you attempt.

Before they speak with me most of people have been struggling with some aspect of their life, whether it’s their health, work, relationships, or other aspect of their life. And depending on how long they’ve been struggling with their problem, often their health has suffered, they’ve lost belief in themselves and are often they feeling negative, and are desperate to get better results.
They may have tried all manner of different things to help them get better result but, with little success or improvement to their situation. It’s cost them valuable time, money and prolonged struggling. If you can relate to that feeling of desperation, and not knowing what to do, here’s a better way.
An effective alternative to Councelling or CBT.

The waiting list for traditional therapies via your GP or NHS can be months if you don’t want to wait, you can get help quickly by contacting us now, we currently have availability in the next 7 – 10 days or sooner for a Free Pre-consultation where we will establish the best route to get started.

About Brief Therapy with an NLP Master Practitioner.
Typically, patients see results in 1 – 6 sessions and the proven techniques of NLP and Hypnosis have been used by practitioners to relieve and eliminate physical, emotional and mental conditions and symptoms often permanently

Stuart Dare NLP Master Practitioner, your Wellbeing and Prosperity Coach at Visionary NLP