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Improving Lives. We all want to improve some aspect of our lives, yet so many of us have trouble making it stick. We carry around a lifetimes baggage and wonder what is dragging us down. Well, there are just 3 questions you need to know the answer to in order to start making those changes happen straight away. And now there is a new workshop that will help you answer those all important questions.

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The first question is… Where are you now? Easy, I am sure you can tell me all about that! You know there are things you don’t want or want less of. Things like stress, worry, anxiety conflict in your work relationships, or personal relationships. Maybe you don’t feel attractive and are lonely. Perhaps you wish you had fewer work or home commitments and more time for fun things, maybe itsmental/emotional money worries, uncertainty about the future, physical or concerns! What ever it is you know you want to find a better solution.

The next question is a little harder for most to answer. Where do you want to be? (or what do you want/ want more of). Now you might be able to give an answer to this, it may not be fully developed or a vague idea of what your Ideal Life would look like if you wern’t stuck doing the same old routine stuff we talked about in question 1.

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Between where you are now, and where you want to be in 1 /3 or 5 years from now, there is a gap. What’s in that gap are all the obstacles that are blocking your progress, and much more importantly… All the resources you need to complete your transformation from where you are now, to where you want to be.

The 3rd Question then, is the reall stumbling block… What has been stopping you from having what you want, already? You can probably give me a list of things, but there not whats in this gap their more of the things you don’t want, don’t need or want less of. They belong in the ‘where you are now’ answer.

When you attend the next New Start Workshop you will discover the top 3 Obstacles that are getting in your way, including the top 3 fears, you will also discover the Only 3 things you can change, AND, learn how to change the most important one.

The workshop is an exclusive opportunity to learn how to get from where you are now to where you want to be, in the shortest time and easiest way. It’s a small, intimate group, and lasts 3 hours. The investment for the workshop is tiny compared to what you will save in time and effort continuing to do what you have been doing upto now. And, you will get the full cost back and more, should you decide to go on to the next step and let me help you put the learning into practice (more about that later).

There are only two dates available for March and April, thats a total of 8 places, more dates will be added in new locations and an online version is planned for 2023 but Don’t wait… Get started on the journey today and book in here…

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