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“In life you either get the results you want or the reasons why you didn’t get what you want.”

There are only 3 reasons why people don’t get what they want…

1: Negative Emotions     2: Limiting Beliefs            3: Ineffective Behaviours

The cause of these emotions, beliefs and behaviours is often concealed in the subtle, unconscious part of the mind, and formed when you experienced significant emotional events.

With the assistance of an NLP Practitioner these things can be changed, transformed, or replaced with more effective, empowering, and positive strategies (or programmes) to release the brakes so you can get better results in all you attempt.

Are you willing to let go of the negative, limiting emotions, beliefs, and ineffective behaviours and willing to do whatever it takes to be free?

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1 to 1 Consultations available at The Elephant Rooms, Draycott, Derby.

1hr NLP Talk Therapy – Release the emotions surounding past events and set yourself free from mental, emotional and physical distress. May require more than one session. If this is your first session please allow 90 minutes. Book your free discovery call today.
2hr NLP Life Coaching – Get the results you really want from life when you eliminate the obstacles which stand in the way choose one of the main life areas or work through the BIG 4 life areas to create a happier and more fulfilling future for yourself, loved ones and those you care about. Set it up Today… Get your FREE discovery call here
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